Keep Peace In Your Life By Going To An Attorney Just Down The Road

You can resolve a family law issue calmly and work toward a long-term, cost-effective solution. Preserve your relationships and get the answers you need from experienced family law attorney Michael L. Bury.

You Are A Person Worthy Of Compassion And Deserving Of Aid

After spending decades helping families in Chico and the surrounding area, Michael L. Bury, Attorney at Law, has built a reputation for excellent services that prioritize your mental health, logistical needs and resources. When the law and your family life intersect, the results can be tense, impassioned and messy. Attorney Michael L. Bury cares enough about your future to work toward civil resolutions that avoid the courtroom when possible. When the conflict simply cannot be resolved through mediation and other means, he is a committed legal advocate.

Proud To Serve Chico’s Family Law Needs

You Can Rely On Michael L. Bury, Attorney at Law, During Family Conflicts

Mr. Bury and our team work together to ensure that, once you become our client, we can guide you through your family’s needs whenever possible. Over the past decades, we have watched our neighbor’s families at every stage of life, and we work to ensure you feel seen and heard whenever the law becomes an issue.

How do we achieve this? We offer a comprehensive selection of family law services, like:

  • Resolving divorce and separations issues with a focus on the collaborative divorce process
  • Finding dependable and personalized co-parenting agreements
  • Obtaining appropriate child support for caregivers in need
  • Helping families grow through adoption
  • Protecting loved ones with appropriate guardianship agreements

We believe that family law offers a unique opportunity to better the community around us and to protect our neighbors. Ask us about our mediation services and collaborative divorce services.

A Divorce Lawyer Who Prioritizes Client Interests