Are California empty nesters more prone to divorce?

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You have likely heard about people staying in a bad marriage because they want to provide normalcy for their children. But when those children leave home, the marriage may still not go the way either party wants it to. Do couples who are experiencing empty nest syndrome get divorced more frequently?

Who are empty nesters?

The term empty nester refers to couples whose children have moved out of the home. While parents often joke about being excited about their children finally becoming adults and moving out, some recent studies show that becoming an empty nest couple increases the likelihood that a couple divorces.

Numbers never lie

The statistics indicate that couples age 50 and older are divorcing at a higher rate than ever before. Many of the experts who were a part of these studies believe that the sudden loss of children in the home is the breaking point that leads to divorce.

Why the surge?

There are a number of possible causes for the surge in divorce in the 50-and-older crowd. On the surface, many people assume that children moving out of the home will give the parents the opportunity to get back to the joy that they experienced early in their relationships. However, the numbers do not back up those assumptions.

Ultimately, parenting changes people. The things that mattered when a couple was in their early 20s may not be important by the time they turn 50. There are physical, emotional and mental changes that take place over the course of a marriage. Those changes might lead to failed marriages once the children have moved on.

No matter your age, you should work with a family law attorney if you are facing a divorce. An attorney may help you review your assets and represent you in negotiations during the divorce proceedings.