Why you need a parenting plan in California

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Child Custody |

When going through a divorce, establishing child custody in California can be the most challenging part of the process. To ease this already stressful situation, you should learn more about designing a parenting plan. Your family law attorney may give you an overview of parenting plans and explain how creating one can lead to a more peaceful child custody agreement.

What is a parenting plan?

Drafting a parenting plan with your co-parent can assist you with creating a sustainable child custody agreement. While the judge in your case will make the final decision regarding child custody arrangements, having a plan before your divorce ruling can make the process go much more smoothly.

When working on your parenting plan, you should consider the day-to-day arrangements and select times of the year, such as holidays, school breaks and birthdays. Make a plan that will not only work for you and your ex-spouse but one that puts your child’s needs first.

Also, note that child custody relates to both physical and legal custody. Physical custody will relate to where your child or children primarily live, which parent can see them and when. Legal custody, however, focuses on the decision-making process for how your children live. It entails which parent can make final decisions regarding your children’s school, medical care and emergency treatment.

Agreeing on a plan

No matter what you and your co-parent agree to, remember to remain flexible. Your parenting plan might work amazingly well when your children are little. However, once they are older and have more interests, hobbies and sports, your once-perfect parenting plan may need to change. You will need to continually review the plan and keep communication open with your co-parent.

Keeping your children first is always the priority. Having a parenting plan is a great way to reduce child custody conflict and establish communication with your co-parent to discuss how you envision raising your children.