A look at the divorce rates throughout the United States

A look at the divorce rates throughout the United States

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A recent study has revealed that divorce rates have increased 34% during 2020. While many of the reasons for these divorces are similar, one has to wonder just where these divorces are taking place. Are those living in California or those living in other places undergoing more divorces?

The southern divorce rate is increasing

The same study revealed that those couples who sought out divorce in southern states were two to three times more likely to do so than those in their northern counterparts. A shocking statistic from this survey also revealed that 20% of divorcing couples were only married for five months or less. This leads one to question just why these couples are deciding to call it quits.

The most common reasons behind these divorces

Apart from assessing the number of divorces and where they were located, the researchers also took a look at some of the most common reasons that these couples were getting divorced. Ringing in at the top of the importance scale is financial stress. Many times, couples will leave the financial discussion until after their wedding bells ring. This can lead to a lot of arguments post-marriage.

Another common reason for these divorces is differing views on parenting and household chores. Again, parenting is one of those topics that many couples wait until they have children to discuss. Differences in strategies and beliefs regarding raising children can create an unhappy matrimonial environment. The last main factor contributing to couples throwing in the towel is simply boredom.

Divorce rates are a hot topic for researchers throughout the country. Understanding why and who is getting divorced allows these researchers to share valuable information with those who are considering marriage. Hopefully, this information will help those thinking about saying “I do” prepare themselves to avoid the common issues that most divorced couples have faced before them.