The uptick in gray divorce continues

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California and other states have noticed an uptick in the number of divorce filings by older couples over the past few years. More recent numbers suggest that this trend is going to continue to rise in the coming years. One question that many people likely have when it comes to hearing about the increase in the number of gray divorces is why did it take so long for these couples to decide to part ways.

Staying together to raise children

One would think after spending so many years together a couple should have already decided by now that being together is not in their best interest. The reality is that many couples have planned on divorcing after raising their children. It’s not uncommon for a couple in a gray divorce to stay together just to raise their children in a traditional home environment. As their children become adults and move out of the home, the couple decides that it’s time to part ways.

A whole new take on divorce

Getting divorced was not always something looked upon as a regular event. Rather, it was a surefire way to get yourself humiliated and shunned in your social groups. Nowadays, divorces are looked upon as a common occurrence. Many of these older couples who grew up in an environment where divorce had an extremely negative stigma are now realizing that it no longer does. Many have thought about getting a divorce for decades. However, they weren’t ready to do so until they felt socially accepted they can today.

While the number of younger couples divorcing has drastically decreased over the last few years, the number of gray divorces has greatly increased. While there are many reasons for this uptake in grey divorces, two of the most common include a new understanding of divorce and children leaving home.