Top reasons women initiate divorce more often than men

Top reasons women initiate divorce more often than men

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California residents who are thinking about filing for divorce have many important decisions to make. A divorce is not something that you initiate to do lightly, as it will change the lifestyle of you and your spouse forever. One surprising statistic is that most divorces are initiated by women instead of men.

Money issues

Money issues are one of the biggest reasons that women file for divorce. Women want to know that they have financial security within their marriage. If their spouse isn’t contributing to the marital income or if their spouse is not on the same page as far as spending restrictions, women are likely to simply file for divorce.

Cheating spouses

Another common reason that women tend to file for divorce is that their spouse cheated on them. While couples may initially try to reconcile the relationship, many times, this results in a divorce. Getting over the fact that your spouse committed adultery creates both intimacy and trust issues in a marriage.

The marriage isn’t living up to their expectations

Every person goes into marriage with their own idea of what their expectations are for their marriage. Unfortunately, sometimes both spouses are not on the same page regarding what these expectations are. Statistics show that women are more likely to jump ship on a marriage if it doesn’t meet their expectations than men. Men are more likely to stay in the marriage even though they’re unhappy.

Making the decision to get a divorce is a very big one. Statistics show that women are more likely to initiate the divorce process for many different reasons. The most common include money issues, cheating spouses and the marriage simply not living up to what their expectations were going into it.