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Why does infidelity destroy a marriage?

Why does infidelity destroy a marriage?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Divorce |

Marriages may break up for many reasons, and infidelity ranks among the top causes. Unlike other reasons, such as drifting apart over the years, adultery could create enormous pain and hardship that lingers long after the marriage dissolves. Some people feel conflicted about filing for divorce in California after discovering that a spouse cheated. They may wish to salvage the marriage, but infidelity might set a course where the union can’t be saved.

The troubles infidelity brings

Once a spouse gets caught cheating, any trust existing in the marriage may disappear. The next time the spouse goes away on a business trip or can’t account for a single hour during the week, a partner may fear the worst. Marriages will doubtfully last when so much trust disappears.

Some spouses might not wish to believe what the evidence tells them. Willful ignorance of infidelity may change a marriage’s dynamic and cause a spouse to repress feelings. The psychological strain could become overbearing, leading to other problems.

Further problems coming from infidelity

Infidelity might be one of several problems with a marriage. Adultery may result from spouses growing apart from one another and leading separate personal and professional lives. Such a marriage may end in divorce sooner than later, and the various problems could break up the marriage even if infidelity never occurred.

Marriage counseling and other steps to save the marriage could work, but they might only delay the inevitable. What once existed between the two partners may morph into a new relationship dynamic that is not as fulfilling and loving as what previously existed.

A spouse may have no intention to salvage a marriage after learning about infidelity. When a union suffers irreparable harm, it could be in both partners’ best interests to divorce.