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Family Law

Support From A Family Law Attorney

When someone goes to a family law attorney, they are usually facing stressful, agonizing issues. It could be a divorce, spousal support determination or a variety of child-related issues. When you hire a lawyer in this area of law, you want someone working with you who will not only offer sound legal advice but who will also be a compassionate defender of your rights and interests.

Michael L. Bury, Attorney at Law, in Chino, is a family lawyer who offers legal counsel and representation in a cost-effective and empathetic manner. With his training in business and law and his background working with youth, he understands how to best protect your family.

You Will Be Our Top Priority

Our legal team understands that divorce and family issues, if not handled appropriately, can lead to more problems. We can support you through a variety of these issues, including:


  • We can help you with stepparent adoptions.

Child custody

  • Child custody issues can be emotional and difficult. Our team will help you reach a solution that keeps your child’s best interests in mind.

Child support

Property Division

  • During a divorce one of the most complex and often most contentious part of a dissolution of marriage is the division of the parties’ property.  If the parties are unable to reach an agreement regarding the division of their properties this will lead to expensive litigation and eventually a judge dividing the property, often in such a manner that none the parties are happy with the end result.


  • In cases where a child or adult becomes disabled or incapacitated, the courts may appoint a guardian to make decisions regarding that person’s financial affairs and well-being.

Spousal support

  • Spousal support is typically paid from one spouse to the other after a divorce and it may be in addition to child support. The purpose is to help the other spouse maintain their standard of living.


  • The court will look at both parents’ health and involvement in their child’s life and their drug or alcohol abuse, criminal records, and if there are any reports of physical or sexual abuse.

A Skilled Family Law Attorney On Your Side

Whatever family law matter you are facing in California, our lawyers can assist you and help you obtain the best results possible. Call our Chico office at 530-297-8306 or contact us online.