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Child Custody

Child Custody Issues Can Destroy Family Bonds

When you end a relationship and you have children, you do not want your relationship with your kids to end, too. It might be reassuring that you and the court have one thing in common: You both have your children’s best interest at heart.

Sometimes, it is hard to put their best interest above your own, but you want what is best for them. That is probably allowing them to spend time with both parents. That raises child custody issues, and they are usually the most important thing couples need to resolve. Call our offices at 530-297-8306 for help. We will work with you, your former partner and the courts to ensure you achieve the best outcome possible for you and your family.

Child Custody In California

Child custody laws vary slightly from state to state. In California, there are two primary types of custody: legal and physical. We can help you understand them, and we will fight for your best option.

Legal Custody

This form allows a parent (or legal guardian) the authority to make all decisions regarding a child’s well-being. This can include decisions regarding education, religion and health care. In most cases, courts assign joint legal custody, meaning the parents must cooperate to make these decisions.

Physical Custody

This allows both parents to spend time with the child. Under most circumstances, courts find it best to assign joint physical custody, even if one parent has sole legal custody. Joint physical custody does not always mean the child splits his or her time evenly between parents.

In many cases, physical custody may go to the parent who can ensure the least amount of disruption to the child’s routines.

Representation For Minors

Parents cannot hire an attorney to represent their child. They are often appointed by the court. In very contentious cases or where there have been serious allegations, the court may appoint an attorney to represent the child(ren).  Counsel for a child cannot be hired, they must be appointed by the court.  Parents, the child, or interested others may ask the court to appoint counsel for the child.  In some rare cases, the court make compensate counsel for a child, but in most cases the court will order the parties to pay counsel for a child’s fees and costs apportioning the cost based on the parties’ income.  Attorney Michael L. Bury meets the qualifications required for appointment as counsel for a child and has frequently been appointed as counsel for a child over the past twenty plus years.


Today, many children are being cared for by Grandparents, other family members and, in some cases, by family friends. Establishing a guardianship provides stability in a child’s life and other benefits such as making it possible to receive health coverage through the guardian’s health care plan, it allows the guardian to make medical and educational decisions on behalf of the child(ren) in a timely fashion. Michael L. Bury, Attorney at Law, can assist in all aspects of guardianship including obtaining temporary guardianship, regular guardianship, have successor guardians appointed when needed, and in the termination of guardianship.

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