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Child Support

Legal Counsel To Ensure The Child Support Your Family Needs

The end of your marriage or a relationship that produced a child should not mean that your child’s well-being should be jeopardized, too. An attorney who understands California’s child support laws can protect your child’s rights and safeguard his or her economic health.

Child support issues often come up during divorce proceedings. They often are the most contentious issue former couples face. They also are an issue for parents who never married. Michael L. Bury, Attorney at Law, can guide you through these issues.

What Is Child Support?

This is the payment made from one parent to the other that provides for their child’s needs.

What Does Child Support Cover?

Child Support covers the needs of the supported child including:

  • Basic needs such as food and housing at a similar level in both parents’ homes
  • Educational
  • Transportation
  • Health care
  • Entertainment and recreational activities

California Child Support Guidelines

In California, basic child support is based on the disposable income (gross income after income taxes) of each party and the percent of time share each party have with the child(ren). If a party is unemployed or is not earning at the highest earning capacity the court has the ability under the right circumstances to order that party to do a job search and can impute income to that party. Add-on (above basic child) support orders include cost sharing for work/training related child care expenses, health care insurance, and dividing of uncovered health care expenses of the child(ren).

When Is A Parent Released From Child Support Obligations?

In general, a parent must pay child support until the child reaches 18. There are, of course, exceptions. A parent may be released from child support obligations sooner if the child legally marries, declares emancipation through a court order or joins the military.

However, if the child turns 18 but is still in high school, the payments must continue until the child turns 19 or graduates high school. If the child becomes incapacitated in any way, both parents have a duty to continue providing for that child as long as is necessary.

Hire A Child Support Attorney

Whether you are facing the issue of child support for the first time or you are looking to amend an initial child support order, Michael L. Bury can help. Call our Chico office at 530-297-8306 or email us to set up your initial consultation.