Collaborative Divorce Can Ease The Process And Provide The Best Outcome For Family Now And In The Future.

Sometimes couples just cannot be together. They might be able to stay friends, and they do not always want to hurt their former partner. There are other people who realize that negotiating a settlement outside of court is a practical way to keep expenses and time to a minimum. At Michael L. Bury, Attorney at Law, we want to enable families to maintain healthy relationships with each other and former extended family members so they can continue to communicate positively at family functions and events. In those cases, collaborative divorces might be the best option.

As a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Michael L. Bury, Attorney at Law, is skilled at negotiating outside of the courtroom. A collaborative divorce could be a more amicable process that could help your family go through this process efficiently.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is a multidisciplinary approach to conflict resolution. Both parties must have a divorce coach to facilitate communication and independent representation by a trained collaborative attorney. Any specialists who need to be brought in must be agreed upon by both parties and must have collaborative divorce training.

Some Of These Specialists May Include:

  • Appraisers
  • Forensic accountants (or other financial specialists) who can assist with understanding their current and project future financial circumstances, and in preparation of complete financial disclosures
  • Mental health professionals to support the children
  • Vocational assessors

What Can I Expect During The Collaborative Process?

The collaborative group can make decisions a judge could not ordinarily make. You and your ex can divide your assets as you see fit, rather than having them doled out by a judge. You can also address child support and visitation rights.

This entire process helps build a cooperative environment for both parties, working toward mutually agreeable settlements.

Benefits Over Traditional Divorce

There are numerous benefits of a collaborative divorce over traditional divorce litigation, including:


  • Focus is on the best outcome for the family.


  • The entire process is far less expensive. We will prioritize you and your family’s interests. During traditional divorce, attorney fees are often higher, and you have the added expense of court costs.


  • Collaborative divorces can take far less time to settle than a traditional divorce. When litigation is involved, the process can take a year or more.


  • These divorces are designed to be more cooperative, not combative. This helps reduce the heavy emotional toll divorce litigation can have on everyone involved.
  • Collaborative Divorce Agreements are generally followed and avoid the need for litigation to enforce the agreement as opposed to court orders.

Work With An Experienced Collaborative Divorce Attorney

If you want to avoid the expense and time that is often associated with divorce, you may want to consider hiring a collaborative divorce lawyer. Call our convenient Chico office at 530-297-8306 or contact us online today to schedule a consultation.