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Matters Addressed In The Divorce Process

When people enter a marriage, they do not think their relationship will end. There are a lot of things that make relationships difficult today. They require a commitment, and some people have work obligations and other issues that make it hard to commit.

Making the decision to divorce is a difficult choice, and you should hire an attorney to protect your interests. Michael L. Bury is a California divorce attorney. Whether maintaining or restoring parental rights or reviewing prenuptial agreements, he will always keep your best interests in mind.

Overcome Difficult Issues With A Skilled Lawyer

Every marriage is unique, and so are relationships. The legal team at Michael L. Bury, Attorney at Law, can help you through the required division of the property and assets, spousal support and difficult child-related issues.

 Marital assets

  • When you divorce in California, you are required to reach an agreement on distribution of the assets you acquired together. This can include houses, vehicles and other real property in addition to furniture, jewelry and financial assets.

Spousal support

  • In some cases, spousal support might be required. Support payments allow the spouse who either did not work or made significantly less money to maintain their lifestyle.

Child support, custody and visitation

  • If children are involved, both parties must make child custody, support and visitation decisions.

Working For You Inside And Outside Of Court

We will work to achieve results that are in the best interests of you and your family. For most of our clients, it makes financial sense to settle divorce matters without going to court. We prefer to help our clients move toward a negotiated settlement. However, be assured that we are prepared to go to court with you if necessary.

Settling outside of court is usually beneficial for everyone involved, especially children. When parents can come to an agreement regarding custody and child support without lengthy and nasty trials, children experience less trauma. We can help you if you want to achieve an amicable divorce without lengthy and costly court hearings.

A Divorce Attorney You Can Trust

If you are facing divorce, you need a lawyer who will protect your rights in California. We can help ensure all agreements reached during the divorce process are fair and in your best interests. Call our Chico law office at 530-297-8306 or go to our contact page.